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Whole30 Bites for the Big Game

Updated: Jan 17

The Big Game is coming up, but you’re on a Whole30. What do you do? Keep calm and party on with these Whole30-friendly snacks sure to satisfy at your Super Bowl celebration.

Whether staying in and laying low or enjoying the game with friends, you don't have to sacrifice Super-Bowl flavor to stay true to your Whole30 goals.

Sweet Potato Sliders are simultaneously macho and adorable. Oh, and delicious.

These Paleo Crab Cakes are seasoned with a touch of Cajun spice and pan-fried to crispy perfection. Paired with a creamy sauce for dipping, they are the finger-food of dreams.

Loaded Potato Skins need not be loaded with dairy to be loaded with flavor.

These craveable, three-ingredient, grilled Jalapeno Poppers are a no-brainer for the big game.

Whether hosting or attending a small gathering or cheering for your team in your jammies, add Buffalo-Spiced Cashews to the mix for a fresh, sofa-friendly spin on America's favorite football flavor.

Keeping things simple this year? Fruit skewers and veggie platters are always a safe bet. Try this ranch seasoning recipe to whip up your own easy dip with Whole30-friendly mayo.

Now crack open a nice, cold can of La Croix, and get ready for kickoff!

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