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Here you will find some of our favorite ingredients for paleo cooking and baking, along with kitchen tools to make prep easier, and extra resources for inspiration. 


  Go to the Resources page for our favorite cookbooks and references for paleo and beyond. If you are considering a Whole30, I definitely recommend reading It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig beforehand. It gives you the science-y nitty gritty behind the program, with a sense of humor and a touch of tough love. 


The Kitchen Tools page is the spot to find some of my most-used must-haves for the kitchen. I use my Griddler for everything from chicken thighs to pancakes, and the no-nonsense model I recommend is a steal!


Check out the Pantry Staples page to find some of my favorite items for paleo cooking and baking.


Currently, I am not an Amazon affiliate. At this time, I am providing these links for your convenience only and will not earn a commission if you shop from them.


The Essential Oils page showcases the oils I love to cook with! You can buy any of the oils you see there at retail price, or purchase one of the amazing starter kits to access wholesale prices. I am a Young Living distributor, so I if you shop or sign up from my oils links, I can earn a commission. Bonus--I'll be your personal oil mentor!


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Hey Y'all!

I'm the Monster Momma.

I'm a Christ-follower, wife, mother to five sweet paleo monsters, writer, and

paleo food fiend.

Join me and my family on our paleo journey!

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