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I love to cook with essential oils! These are a few of my favs. 
While essential-oil ingestion is a highly debated topic, the Vitality line from Young Living was created for just that purpose!

If you are interested in cooking with essential oils, be sure to choose a brand you trust and follow the usage instructions. You can purchase any of these oils here.

  • Calming aroma

  • Great with blueberry and lemon flavors

  • Enhances meat and savory dishes as part of an herbs-de-provence flavor profile

lime oil.jpg
  • Refreshing aroma

  • Great for making homemade lime salt

  • Easy stand-in for grated lime zest in most recipes

  • Great for mixing into beverages

peppermint oil.jpg
nutmeg oil.jpg
  • Invigorating aroma

  • Perfect pairing with chocolate

  • Great addition to paleo brownies or hot chocolate

  • Key ingredient in my Peppermint Collagen "Latte"

  • Warm, spicy, festive flavor and aroma

  • Great for the holidays or with anything pumpkin

  • Key ingredient in my Eggnog Collagen "Latte"

orange oil.jpg
  • Pairs well with cinnamon, clove, cranberry, almond, chocolate, honey, and so much more

  • Excellent in salad dressings

  • Festive for almost every season

  • Great in baked goods

rosemary oil.jpg
  • Great addition to rosemary salt

  • Great way to add rosemary flavor without the woody leaves

  • Natural flavor enhancer

  • Great with lamb, beef, chicken, salmon, and Italian flavors

  • Try it in Cauli-Crust Pizza

lemon oil.jpg
  • Bright, happy flavor and aroma

  • pairs really well with lavender and blueberry

  • Great in pesto, marinades, etc. 

  • Easy stand-in for grated lemon zest in most recipes

I am a Young Living distributor and can earn a commission if you shop or sign up through my link. These are some of my favorite products, but there are many, many more!


If you are interested in purchasing these or other YL products, 


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